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New albums

I just love the words on the cover of these albums: "Happiness is you and me, Shine and Don't forget to be awesome". They are indeed words to live by.



When I think of an album title "happiness is you and me" it reminds of special moments filled with happiness with my loved ones. For an album with the title of "shine", I plan to fill with scrapbook page designs of moments where my loved ones went above and beyond and exceeded all expectations. My absolute favorite is the one with the title "don't forget to be awesome". So often, we get so busy with life that those creative moments, the moments to be awesome are forgetten.

Making these albums with these specific titles has given me a moment to reflect, I hope it does the same for you.


Interesting read

I found this article some time back on "How to Decorate, Alter, And Customize Your Album Cover" which I found quite interesting.

Wishing you an awesome week ahead.

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