About me

My passion

I am passionate about papercrafts and am constantly inspired by all things beautiful. My passions are paper crafting, scrapbooking, mini-albums and card making. For me, it all starts with the paper, and I specifically love patterned and textured paper. My attraction to gorgeous, patterned papers is the creative designs, color schemes and the many ways whereby paper complements each other. 

My story

In 2003, I was intrigued by a television insert on scrapbooking. I saw that scrapbooking would allow me to blend my love for photos and paper in a unique form of storytelling. Next, I attended classes and I was on my scrapbooking journey.

Being left-brained, scrapbooking and paper crafting opened a new world for me by helping me explore some of my unknown and untapped creativity.

In scrapbooking, the gold standard is 12x12 inch scrapbook albums, but when my life got busy these took too long to create. So, I thought mini albums would be perfect, a downsized version of the standard. When I could not find stock of the 8x8 or 6x6 inch mini albums, I considered making them. So, in true entrepreneurial spirit, I attended an album making class. Soon I started making my own albums and supplied them to a local scrapbooking store and now I have my online store.

Mini albums are a fabulous alternative to the standard 12x12 inch scrapbook album, especially as a gift to someone special or to capture special moments. The pages in mini albums are generally quick and easy to complete, but I have seen some detailed embellished pages. I would describe my design style as “clean and simple” with a touch of “classic and elegant” and a hint of “shabby chic”.

Inspiration comes in various forms, it could be an awesome range of paper that has just been released, a super cool card technique card that has just been posted or some words of reflections that I personally benefit from.

I am truly passionate about my products and the ultimate compliment was someone telling me that my products reflect my passion "to capture that precious moment in time", that has since become my tagline.

Warm regards,