Papercrafts for sale at Workshop Modesty

Workshop Modesty is based at 273 Imaam Haroon Road, Cape Town.

It is a space wherein you can dwell with different fashion styles by a selection of designers. The rails are filled with beautiful garments that emit rustic, calming feelings.

I am so pleased to have a stand with my papercraft items at this store. My items are handmade so I generally only make a few  of each design. Please contact me at should you require something custom made. 

23 Mar 2021

With Ramadaan around the corner, it inspired some new gift cards

It has a Ramadaan Kareem message on the cover and this has been added to creative cover designs using art techniques like ink blending, embossing with texture paste with stencils and stamping. A variety of colours and designs have been used. The base of the card is white 240gsm paper

The large gift card is 10cm in width and 10 cm in height and the inside of the card is blank.

This is the perfect way to send a special message to someone special or to accompany a gift. Taking a moment to write a card makes all the difference to the recipient.






22 Oct 2020

Cards made using the Stargazer collection paper range by Celebrate



08 Oct 2020

I was fortunate to have some precious time off work this week and used it wisely with some new card designs.




24 Sep 2020

My theme is week is a green colour palette with some simple sentiments. The thankful messages are my favourite.


Large gift cards

Gift tags


17 Sep 2020

Cards made using the gold glamour paste through a stencil and then adding a simple sentiment. The raised effect adds texture to the card that makes it special. The gold and silver colour adds just the right amount of bling to “create your own sunshine”.


These gift cards are made with new dies I recently bought and thought that simply having a black background is the best way to show the intricate design. The centre of this card is raised to add dimension.


Blue background cards with simple sentiment or flower.


Orange background cards with simple sentiment or flower design.


10 Sep 2020

Some more shaker cards.




3 Sep 2020

This week on my crafting desk I had some sequins, beads and glitter, the inspiration behind my shaker cards. I will definitely be adding colours to this design, because some words that come to mind whilst doing these cards were  happy, joy and fun.



27 Aug 2020

Cards using the Heartfelft collection by Celebrate.





Papercraft items in display