A4 Guest book, Large album - live, love and take pictures and Large album - cheer up

I have some new albums to share.

A4 - Guest book

This was a customer request for one of my albums to be used as a guest book and I am so pleased on how it turned out. The big bold letters on the letter compliments to log patterned paper so well.

Thanks to Shamela @ Kanje Crafts and Karen @ The Scrapbook and  for their assistance.


Large album - live, love and take pictures

For this album the cover could have remained just plain but then I had the idea use some additional paper to add a wow factor to the cover.

The words "live, love and take pictures" resonates particularly well with photo lovers and scrapbookers. With a cover like this, one just knows that the inside papers will be awesome.

The large album size is sized to fit 8x8 inch scrapbook paper which makes it perfect for a mini-album.


Large album - cheer up

This is Chocolate Chilli paper from Lady Patterned Paper which is just gorgeous.  I usually just discard this edge of the paper, but this paper has the words "cheer up, chin up and never give up" which I just loved.

 Lots of love


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