New medium albums

I have a slight problem in that when I select paper for my albums, I tend to lean strongly towards the classical feminine colour palette. But I must try to move away from this a bit. So in the set of new albums, I tried to make a shift. There are still have more albums with flowers, but I think I am making a start...


This got me thinking about my scrapbooking style and I found these 2 articles of interest.

I like the idea of creating a mood board and need to learn more about this.


Card inspiration from interest

This is my version of a Pinterest inspired card. 

Male card so I wanted to use the blue colour palette

For my card, I used the range of Lady Patterned paper which has the 15 x 15 square designs which are perfectly coordinated which makes it ideal for card making




Until next time, have an awesome day.

Lots of love


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