A5 recipe books are back in stock

These recipe books have 40 pages with the recipe book template for the inside pages. They sold out at my last event and fortunately they are now back in stock. The current size is A5, but I have had requests to make into A4, so that will be coming soon.

Because I am using a digital design for these, happy to customize the recipe book with your details. All I need is the details of your customization emailed to asma@mscrapbooks.co.za and I can deliver within 3-5 days. 

For the inside page design, I looked at a few different ideas and eventually created my own combining the best parts. My favourite part of the inside design is "from the kitchen of..." which is the area to the add the details of that special someone and you remember them as you make this dish. So this great for finally getting to organize heirloom recipes and decipher granny handwriting. This is also lovely as a gift to a new bride whose kitchen skills are "still developing". What I find I do often, is use a recipe from a cookbook, but then add my own touch to it and write my notes all over the recipe. 





Wishing you an awesome week ahead.


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  • Shireen Moodley on

    I would love to see a recipe book before I place an order .

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