Stamperia Clockwise albums

The Stamperia Clockwise paper range has a steampunk theme with the gears and clock design. This combined with the colour combinations of brown and blue makes it perfect for a masculine album.

The clock design in the paper and the time theme is a favorite. As I was looking through the papers, my favourite quotes are reminders that “time is precious” and that “time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters” and especially “moments in time”. As scrapbookers and photographers what we strive to achieve is capturing that moment in time and working on this range of albums reminded me of that.

The designs in the Stamperia paper are outstanding and in the paper pack there are no two pages that are the same. So, when I am making albums with this paper, I am able to a different design for the front and back cover.

For this series of albums. I did a design in the normal landscape orientation but I have some customer requests for the portrait orientation, so I have some albums in this

Medium album – MA153


Medium portrait album – MA154


Medium portrait album – MA155

Medium portrait album – MA156


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Until next time, wishing you an awesome day filled with an abundance of blessings.

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