Teacher appreciation chocolate boxes

It is that time of the year again where the end of the school year is almost upon us. Take a moment to say thanks to the teachers with a chocolate box that fits either the Cadbury 80g or Lindt 100g chocolate. The products I was working on this week, all have a 'teacher appreciation' message on the cover and here are some of the images.

Of these messages, I really needed to think about which is my favorite and I eventually decided on "thank you for being an important part of my story". Our children all write their own stories but they need the support system to champion them along. At home, there are parents for primarily do this, but at school, it has to be teachers. What is remarkable that a teacher gets to touch the lives of not just one child but so many. Thank you, teachers, for being awesome every day.

I am happy to share the messages I have used. Click here download the pdf. The image can be viewed below.




Warm regards


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