The Color Catalog

I have always had a problem with colour combinations and no matter how long I stare at my colour wheel, I just cannot move beyond the basics. In a You Tube video by Jennifer McGuire, she was speaking about where draws her colour inspiration from. Once of the source was the Color Catalog website which I am now completely obsessed with. 

What I have been using the Color Catalog for mostly, is the colour palettes. This makes it so easy to use because the palette have the colour harmonies sorted. It simplifies colour for those of us who are still beginner creatives.

Awesome job, well done Sarah Renae Clark and the team at The Color Catalog.

The Color Catalog details

 Do check out the links for inspiration of all things colour. 

What I most amazed about is that The Color Catalog showcases the natural colour harmonies that appear in nature.

Some of my favourite images are...




Colour palettes which I have used in projects.

Color Palette 305 


I have used this colour palette as inspiration for these digital scrapbook page layout using the Everyday Stories collection.

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Layout 1, 2 and 3 uses the green as the dominant colour. Layout 4 and 5 simply took direction from the colour of kid's hats.