Digital scrapbook layouts using the Everyday Stories collection

These digital scrapbook layouts use the Everyday Stories collection and the colour combinations in Color Palette 305 in the Color Catalog by Sarah Renee Clarke.

The pictures are from Apr 2008 and I remember the day clearly. It is a sunny afternoon on the Sea Point Promenade. Haneem had just woken from a nap and was not impressed, while Junayd on the other was all smiles. When I was doing this layout, I had to pause and reflect and how quickly time has passed. . In these pictures Junayd was just in preschool and at the end of this month he writes his Grade 12 prelim exams.




Click here for free printable created from Word Art using the the Everyday Stories collection

The Color Catalog makes using colour harmonies so easy because it has been done for you. Click here for more on The Color Catalog.

I have used this colour palette as inspiration for these digital scrapbook page layout using the Everyday Stories collection.

Layout 1, 2 and 3 uses the green as the dominant colour. Layout 4 and 5 simply took direction from the colour of kid's hats.

Until next time, wishing you an awesome day ahead.

Lots of love


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